Our Story


It All Started With a Local Meat Market

In late 2006, the Laurenzo family acquired the El Tiempo Taqueria from Matamoros Meat Market at 5526 Washington Avenue, which for roughly 20 years served fresh made Mexican-style tacos and provided fresh cut meats such as steaks and chicken along with a variety of groceries and beverages to the neighborhood.


The Laurenzos remodeled the Matamoros Meat Market with new kitchen equipment and a complete facelift. More menu items were added with the intention of improving the daily taco making business and converting the old meat market into more of a restaurant style operation and feel.

The taqueria transformed to act as a small commissary for the El Tiempo Cantina restaurants. Now, it also offers Laurenzo’s homemade pies, fresh Mexican-style sweet bread known as pan dulce, and various desserts like house-made flan, gelatin, and rice pudding. From the fresh meat market, the taqueria also cooks up mouth-watering beef barbacoa de cabeza, fresh made menudo, and fresh house-made carnitas. As a staple in the Houston community, it not only remains a goods resource for the El Tiempo Cantina restaurants, but it also sells freshly-prepared meals for catering events and home gatherings.

El Tiempo Taqueria: A Neighborhood Staple

Today, El Tiempo Taqueria is a popular neighborhood stop among local residents for a variety of authentic, fresh tacos during breakfast, lunch, and dinner every single day. Baked in-house, by hand each day, the flour tortillas and corn tortillas, made from corn masa, are truly an authentic staple for guests. Daily items like red and green salsas, various meat selections, and guisados for tacos all stem from the Laurenzo’s recipes, freshly cooked and prepared with quality in mind.

El Tiempo Taqueria maintains the same high standards of service, cleanliness and food quality that customers in Houston expect from the Laurenzo Family for the last 69 years.


El Tiempo Taqueria serves fresh tacos daily, 7 days a week, from 5:30 am to 8:00 pm. Regular neighborhood families still visit every day to get fresh meats, groceries, and beverages. Always on-the-go? We offer online and app-based To-Go services such as Uber Eats, Amazon, Door Dash, and Favor.